Journal : May 17, 2012 : The Works

Journal : May 17, 2012 : The Works.


” But what is truth ? It is everything material, physical, psychological and spiritual, which exist of their own accord and power in past, present and future. It is existence that comes to be of its own potency, whose being cannot be denied in its moment or eternity, through which it exists.

” In terms of an allied category we are familiar with, a truth differentiates itself from the ‘fact,‘ as has already been noted. An objective fact is a truth of the moment that is yet to include us. It is revealed with its causes and effects in the objective, illuminating the dark domains in our knowledge of the phenomenon in its regard, and around it. But, however wide its scale, the knowledge remains formal, without our knowledge of what it means to us, until we are aware of how the fact, its sources or effects, subserve matters in our environment near or far, or directly impact our body, senses, being and mind. With this inclusive extent of awareness, we are able to sense the relatedness between us and the fact and judge the weight or importance of how and what the object in our focus means to us


” The scope of truth starts with objective or factual knowledge, such as science presents of the material domain. It then extends in our understanding to include its relatedness to our self and being, revealing what it means to us. But each conclusion we make in the process, at every stage, is subject to its validity over time….”


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