Works Yet To Begin …
02 Untitled … fiction… impromptu excerpt :

” I too am going to Kalka.”

I put down the book. It was midnight now. The woman who joined in at Gomoh Junction looked old but was all eyes, weightless and sprightly. It’ll be one more night before we will disembark. We slept. It felt good to be travelling with someone.

” It felt good to be travelling with someone,” she said zipping close her utility pouch. I smiled. She’d read my thoughts. There was no point to it but the wonder turned in my gut. That raises sensations, if you know.

” A pleasure.” I must have said that to me. She looked moist and fresh. The book she’d opened was Narendra’s essays on Vedanta. I stared through the window. This existence was the Lord. I had to keep it in my call before the gut rested quiet. Breakfast was timely. I relaxed, picked up the book, and snoozed.

” You know, this term for truth, “Satya,” keeps coming in but remains empty of content. It’s so familiar, almost intimate, with much meaning, but sort of undefined and unspecified.” It woke me up.

” The content would flow in with our understanding, with clear awareness of instances in our experience for support. That should flesh out its meaning to us.”

” You mean it means differently to the two of us.”

” Generally. But then the knowledge of truth, or the truth of truth, is not what it means. It is what those meanings, seen together, mean to us.”

It broke the ice. We spoke with some familiarity…

* * *

I can see the two books will be long in the making.

Here’s the list of e-books already published :

Truth Within, Shines Without

The books I am now working on are :

01         Glimpses Of Vedanta

Excerpt from its Prologue

” But what is truth ? It is everything material, physical, psychological and spiritual, which exist of their own accord and power in past, present and future. It is existence that comes to be of its own potency, whose being cannot be denied in its moment or eternity, through which it exists.

” In terms of an allied category we are familiar with, a truth differentiates itself from the ‘fact,‘ as has already been noted. An objective fact is a truth of the moment that is yet to include us. It is revealed with its causes and effects in the objective, illuminating the dark domains in our knowledge of the phenomenon in its regard, and around it. But, however wide its scale, the knowledge remains formal, without our knowledge of what it…

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