No, Kalinjar Fort – the work – was submitted for publication on 23rd April as I’d announced and went on line the next day ! I am communicating the happening today because, ragged by the hackers of Govt of India, the Chinese Govt or the Islamists and Islamic nations, I went ahead and set a changed password to my PC and promptly forgot the same the next morning. It kept me out for 3 days during which the C-drive had to be formatted. The work is now available @ . The ISBN code is common to all amazon distribution arms in UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy. Buy it to encourage and enjoy. It’s like nothing you’ve read before !

Truth Within, Shines Without

While I edit the encyclopedic work for the Kindle edition, here’s a preview in brief to stimulate our interest…


The Kalinjar Fort in Bundelkhand is an entire history in itself, a story through over 6000 human generations in recorded past alone. You cannot think of it without the convergence it includes – of people and events from the wide, wide world within the sub-continent and from abroad – over a span of one and a half millenia, during which developments in East, South, West and North West of India, Asia Minor, Middle East and Central Asia, and in Europe, as far as British Isles, gravitated to this now rather nondescript place.

That is too much of history, we note in astonishment, and far too many people of all kinds to be converging on this quiet forested periphery of one the oldest mountain ranges on earth – the Vindhyas. What accentuates…

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