I wrote this when I suddenly realised that my children had become adults and needed to know what was the ” Family ” I was pitching for !

Curiously, it was read and understood, without us having to exchange a word more on this matter.

Perhaps, more on the web would find this brief vision useful…

Truth Within, Shines Without

It’s midnight. The Premium Review of Imagining Argentina is complete. The ” Dirty War ” effects were horrifying. But causes – global, local and individual – are scary. They are inscrutably but firmly entrenched. Not for a moment can we afford to allow the historical episode to lapse from our memory. Yeah… memory on long and longer scale of time is the essential means to evolution of the person and the community.

There are Kindle projects lined up and a few for the blog : a twin Hollywood movie review, a review of two films from East and West, an ode to Jethro Tull, an ode to Albert Camus, among others. But there is a much more important and immediate issue I will exhaust first.

Recent events I am privy to prompt a gathering of thought on  ” Family,” especially for the youth and the younger ‘ professionals ‘ who…

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