I am partial to this blog post when I had watched almost back to back a movie from East, Gudia, and one from the West, Time Traveler’s Wife.

The one from East was directed by Gautam Ghose… and presented what seemed like transcendent existentialism. The Time Traveler was fun, with multiple dimensions potent within a plain love story.

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Truth Within, Shines Without

I      GUDIA – [ The (Triumphant) Doll ] – Directed by Gautam Ghose

Trailer :        http://youtu.be/AE9KAsSKqis

Full Length :  http://youtu.be/mwkmTe2dMRs

A gem from another age, it seemed while I watched it yesterday. It portrays the lost art of ventriloquism and uses folk theatre within the narrative set in modern times, with its characterstic consumerism, social conflicts and corrupt politics. The beauty of its tale, its simplicity of structure, and the human complexities it deals with, would have made Satyajit Ray proud.

The movie has a simple story about a puppet doll, Urvashi, literally a demi-goddess of ethereal beauty, that is passed down from the master to his protégé along a series set in tradition. From start to finish, the entire presentation is of intense human interest. The relationships its main characters have with the doll, and with each other, is complicated. In the background is a political clime…

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    Readers interested in a good story depicting the social rub between traditional human values and new age corruption excessively devoted to money and “winning is all” paradigm… are invited to this page.

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