Journal : Shazar Stone, exclusive to River Ken, Bundelkhand




The Stone of wonder, the stone of glory and of infinite history…It’s Shazar Stone.

For most residents of Banda, Shazar is the identity of Banda.

The Stone of Wonder.

The Stone of Glory.

The Stone with endless history.

Its Shazar.


Shazar was discovered in Banda about 400 years ago by an Arab. He was mesmerized by its colorful patterns  that looked like leaves and trees and so he named it Sazar which, in Arabic, means : tree. Due to its regional touch, Sazar became Shazar. In Urdu, it is called Haqiq and in Hindi it is Sphatic. In English, Shazar is known as Dendrite Augite. It is a homogenous stone and is found in different patterns and colors.


Augites are basically of four types :

–     Plane Augite

–     Ring Augite

–     Lenin Augite

–     Dendrite Augite


Dendrite Augite is Shazar and is also known as Tree Augite and Fungus Augite. It is found exclusively in Banda’s Ken River. The specialty of the stone is the colourful pattern of leaves, trees, mountains, animals etc. within it.


There is a local myth about Shazar. It is believed that the stone prints the impression of any object that remains in front of it for long. But, of course, it is not true.


There is a natural process behind the formation of images within a Shazar stone. The patterns we see in the shazar are entrapped fossils of fungus ( basically, algae). When entrapped between two or more pieces of shazar stone, the fungus produces either an acid or base secretion, which makes the stone translucent and acts as an inorganic glue that fuses the separate stones into one. The fungus fossil inside the stone looks like patterns of leaves or trees and adds to its beauty.


Because of its uniqueness, the stone was exported to foreign countries until the last few decades.


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