Journal : April 12, 2012 : Friends, Women & Pre – Islamic Mecca

Today, it feels great to recall the first communication I received when I started blogging…


Molly Brogan

February 19, 2010 at 8:56 pm 

Welcome to the blogging world, Vam. You are off to a brilliant start. As I have had many of my most inspiring dialogues with you here on the web, I will now look forward to reading you here.
Very truly yours,



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Where the Female in our midst is disrespected, devalued and repressed… and when men give up on their the intellectual and spiritual capacity to accept the Diversity manifest and created… ( I )



The only viable way of life is one that admits and exults in diversity, accepts and co-exists with competing thoughts and beliefs, and respects the sacred feminine. Unfortunately, the happy and viable way of pre-Islamic life in Arabian penisula was lost when Muhammad cursed  al-Lat,  al-Uzza  and  Manat, the much loved and immensely regarded icons of people in Mecca.


Some of the elders of Muhammad’s Quraish family were, in fact, the most ardent worshippers and priests at the Kaaba shrine, around which the whole of the transit town came up. And, Muhammad himself uttered those Satanic Verses that, unbelievable and blasphemous as it may appear, were later expunged from Quran !


The great change which the self-declared prophet sought to effect was monumentally hideous, to say the least, and unviable to boot… a fact that has compulsorily vested progression of Islam with the point of the sword and has fostered community values that made free use of terror, lies, slavery and torture, rape and deprivation, as acceptable means of ransack and saddle the souls of non-believers, and plunder their settlements and their assets. It’s part of our history, especially Indian and Jewish history, that our people will never forget !



The people of Mecca, and the rest of the world, opposed imposition of such monochromatic beliefs as can be seen in the dry, artless ways of life in practice today in the Arabian peninsula and Iranian plateaus… sans freedoms of choice, expression, music and creativity. It was way different, abominably undesirable, from the happy and colourful way in which people had lived untill then… dressed, believed and expressed their sadness and joy, sang and worshipped, and heard each other with empathy and understanding.


The irreconciliable values finally led to ” jihad ” and genocide at Medina. Muhammad embraced the peace of Sakina, the spirit of tranquillity related to the Hebrew Shekhinah, manifest in the Treaty of Hudaybiyah, but only for a while. He turned away from the spirit of concord when he had the force of numbers, and marched upon Mecca, smashed the idols of the Ka’aba, and ordered the slave singer Sarah to be killed the same day. The other singers, who sang in praise of the beauty and diversity in pre-Islamic values, had their tongues cut out, and the shrines to the Goddess were desecrated and destroyed, obliterated from existence.


Before Islam, the Ka’aba was a holy shrine where all religions were respected. From time to time, leading thinkers and poets converged on Kaaba in that spirit of cooperation, and made it possible for people traversing all manner of viable paths to come to the holy site in freedom from persecution and respect for the holiness of wholeness that furthered mutual co-existence in peace. It provided a space of indwelling tranquility, in which women were safe from any threat of violence, free from any form of enforced cloistering, or covering, able to freely express and act as they saw fit. It was the home ground in which both sexes could meet in safety from repression, in which all people could describe their life accounts and spiritual experiences on an equal footing, as living beings, without fear of oppression, fatwa or jihad.



In place of the uniform rule of order that followed Islamic dominance was the freedom of women and men to express and relate with one another, with the universe, in creative diversity and freedom to re-flower the verdant paradise with living diversity throughout their generations.


*    *    *


Gabriel disclosed the ‘truth’ to Muhammad in the mountain cave of Hira Parvat and gave Muhammad the Quran. I personally do not know what to make of the fact that the name ” Hira Parvat ” sound very Indian,  as in both the terms ” hira ” and ” parvat ” are most widely used among Hindus here even now !


 “Allah” was a pre-existing deity in pagan Arabia. In pre-Islamic days, which Muslims refer to as The Days of Ignorance, the religious background of the Arabs was pagan and animistic. Through Moon, Sun, Stars, Planets, Animals, wells, trees, stones, caves, springs, and other natural objects, man could make contact with the deity.


Temple of ‘Ilumquh at Marib Yemen… Sabean Moon Bull,
Incense Holder Aksum, Moon and Orb of Venus Sabean wall frieze (Doe).


At Mecca, “Allah” was the chief of the gods and the special deity of the Quraish, the Prophet’s tribe. Allah had three daughters: Al Uzzah (Venus) most revered of all and pleased with human sacrifice; Manah, the goddess of destiny, and Al Lat, the goddess of vegetable life. The three daughters of Allah were considered very powerful over all things. Therefore, their intercessions on behalf of the worshiper was of great significance.


The allegation by some historians and Islamists, such as Montgomery Watt, that the Meccan Quraish lacked compassion for the poor, or were a society in disintegration, are without substance (Crone 1987). Indications are rather that they were economically buoyant and that social inequality in pre-Islamic society did not lead to a collapse, inviting the umma led by the Prophet.


The Muslim-inspired notion that the Arabs were originally monotheists of Abraham’s religion, who later degenerated into polythesitic paganism and, hence, that the Ka’aba is the ordained house of God, has no historical or archaelogical basis.

Rather, the patriarchs worshipped El at stone bethels just as the pre-Islamic Arabians.


*   *   *         *   *   *

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One thought on “Journal : April 12, 2012 : Friends, Women & Pre – Islamic Mecca

  1. My heart leaps with joy to find my inclusion in your world and words. It seems to me that all cultures and religions are steeped in multidimensional pasts. In faith, we meet in forgiveness and unity of heart. This is where I hold you, always, my friend.

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