I am a working man on a day off
Till late mooning in dreams, lost
In sun, shadows and sand dunes
Dance, haunts lucid, silhouettes

But they now thrust the news, you know

That daily collage from under your door

I smell but hear the rush, as feet recede
Serving publicity, they turn the day in
In this thick wad of crisp, fresh newsprint
With texts barren and models kindling
With busts, butts, pouts, lies and skin
All smiles and cheer
In sad, layered reckonings
Grandstanding without meaning
Aggregating things
About lives empty.

I glance at the tidings and literary heap
Shake at the predictable

Skip to sports leaf…

Exult at fluky joys

Like what

My charwoman keeps
For me

This sweet, viscous day of the week.

I light up and read

In fact, waiting for her

My gladness make the words ebb
To a blur
And the ash falls as I rise
To knocks I hear
I stare, by the door open
As she enters, but avert
With a grin wide
Glowing back to hers…
Mon ami, I am alive
As I’ve never been
And could now die
For what it means…
She picks the clothes I had cast last night
Opens the drapes to let the sun in, bright
While moving to kitchen, for the first brew
On feet firm, body supple, sweeps through
It’s a great world, dipped in peace
She’s draped in red and joy clean
There’s green and yellow
Fiery black somewhere
A clarity in abundance
Replete with assurance
In echo
Like a cuckoo call
Or a music stretched
In relaxed miracle.
I wash n dress…
While she’s over with
We sip the tea, laugh
Our pleasure relating
In anticipation clear
She put the tray away
In freedom we hold
Kiss to heart’s way
Warm and stirred
And happy within
Spaying thoughts
Jus’ feel touching
Soft and hard, push
Each enveloping
Melting attitudes
To hungry being…
Beyond, in depths, resonating

We draw the other

Body held in hand
Size, seize and move

Assume full, unplanned

Play and offer our vitality

The other we enter, take in

Hear the calls farthest

Drive and meet it close

She opens smooth

Curls up in pose
Accepts and showers

Divine unfurls, glows

O Whirlwind Goddess

Of this blossoming
You awaken the worlds asleep

At point each within

Your secrets simple, your involved play
Momentums massive you generate
Sources joyous, unknown

You sure bring to spate.

And now

Your being full

In slumber deep

Love loving love

As newborns keep

Just simple, flushed

Glamour free


Deserving all



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