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Truth Within, Shines Without

It’s cold now. The longest night is passed. The water froze my fingers.

I have not installed a geyser, and have an electric rod instead. We use that for readying a couple of bucketfuls for bathing only.

On the other hand we do have the toilet paper rolls but do not use it. Have never. It’s always with a water jet installed on the seat !

* * *   * * *

The entire establishment and politico – economic system, hallowed Parliament and holy cow of democracy has brought us to pass… corruption, black money, huge huge marginalised population, commodity prices and cost of essential services rising like a speeding locomotive without a brake, society fractured by perpetuated caste identities, and power of people institutions hijacked by cliques and coteries.

Anna Hazare has risen to restore democracy back to the people. His call to people amounts to wresting control of the power…

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