Journal : Feb 17, 2012 : Memory Is Everything !

There are those who very wisely suggest we live in the present, give our all to the moment. And there are fools who take that to be a license to celebrate oneself at being whimsical, capriciously doing anything, being any which way, ignore all else and forget everything !

It’s a grand Thursday, for reasons very personal to me. What I would share, in the manner of thanksgiving, is that today I celebrate the wise fool in Shakespearean plays and ” The Idiot “ of Fyodor Dostoevsky, and I play out the Thick As A Brick by Jethro Tull in my mind.

Memory is everything. It is what we are, what is behind our intent. It is what  forms our knowledge of ” Being “, the knowledge we have of ourself and others, things and beings, institutions, phenomena and humanity. It is what leads us to our truths, and the Truth. It alone improves us, makes us a moral person and ethical people.

If our memory is too short, it would be impossible to know beings and things as they are, from our experience with them before. We would not be aware and see the connection between cause and effect. For, by the time we see or experience the effect, we would have already forgotten the cause ! Or, having seen the connection once, we would forget it just on the occasion we need the knowledge. And, we would not evolve personally, because we need the memory of cause and effect in respect of our own behaviour, thought and attitude, in order to avoid or prevent what is undesirable and do, cultivate or persist with what is desirable to our happiness and well – being.

There is only one self – evident truth : ourself. Every other truth follows, to us, in its evidence. Our discovery begins as a fact we come to know, perceive or experience. Each one appears in our mind, seems to our thought, subsequently modifies in time with additions, or mutates in accord with how we ourselves are or the environment is. It is then in our moment, as it is in our memory. That’s what and how a being or thing, a phenomenon internal or external, means to us. Such a fact is our truth for the moment.

It may be, if our memory is deep, sharp and focused enough… that we discover one fact which modifies no more, mutates no further. It appears again and again, seems the same, unaffected by Time, impervious to our own manipulation, immune to doing of others, and unaffected by the environment. We then become aware of a truth, a knowledge or value with long scale validity.

Such an unchanging truth, in respect of one object, being or attribute, is of immense value. If pertaining to a thing or being without us, it determines our ethics in its respect or a happy relationship, in association or disassociation, we may have with the thing. With matters internal to us – body, psychology, belief or attitude, values or perspective – we are enabled by the light of the truth to improve our emotional, mental, intellectual or moral self. In either case, it becomes a stable, unmoved core we can always avail, around which other facts pertaining to the same or like thing, being or phenomenon, can link up and form a cluster. It becomes a foundation in our memory on which our aggregate knowledge is truthfully built, which in turn empowers us to evolve spiritually.

Such a truth aggregate in our memory subsequently connects with another in time, with experience, of another thing, being or phenomenon, and with more… The entire process of seeming, modifying and stabilisation repeats with the truth of all things in our memory, in their togetherness, as a whole. It is everything we know truthfully, accurately and completey. It forms our perspective of life and living, beings and things, world and our experiences, and our own very self.

Our truthful life perspective yield valuable guides to effective living and decisive morals we do not have to belabour at everytime the need is already upon us. Nor do we need to try and commit to memory the rules to living we gain in hindsight or that people apparently wiser than us advise or have left for posterity.

This is the way to living meaningfully, purposefully, truthfully, completely and happily. The more we know and remember, the more valid is our knowledge, our ethics and moral values, in truth, without anxiety and fear.

Memory is everything.

* * *

In conclusion, but in another context…


God is Power filled with Love.

IT lies in its own infinitude and completion.

It is forever, always.


Devil is Love lusting for Power.

It arises in perceived finitude and incompletion.

It is born and is subsumed in God.
Both exist in the same space, same time, same being.

Except that God is the Mother Being, outlasting all including the Devil.

Most definitely, God and Devil are not entities.

I speak of Man, my dear !



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