Journal : Feb 15, 2012 : Pitching For The Family

It’s midnight. The Premium Review of Imagining Argentina is complete. The ” Dirty War ” effects were horrifying. But causes – global, local and individual – are scary. They are inscrutably but firmly entrenched. Not for a moment can we afford to allow the historical episode to lapse from our memory. Yeah… memory on long and longer scale of time is the essential means to evolution of the person and the community.

There are Kindle projects lined up and a few for the blog : a twin Hollywood movie review, a review of two films from East and West, an ode to Jethro Tull, an ode to Albert Camus, among others. But there is a much more important and immediate issue I will exhaust first.

Recent events I am privy to prompt a gathering of thought on  ” Family,” especially for the youth and the younger ‘ professionals ‘ who are most empowered in the society, physically and financially. It is easy for them to ignore the others, because they can. But as a direct consequence of their short-sight and their emotional self – absorption, which they can afford, they reinforce and aggravate faultlines in the totality that includes them. In addition to the misery and overall loss their attitude causes, the impact of backwaves reverberating from without often leaves them deplete, both materially and mentally.



We may ignore or force our way against such after-effects while still in our twenties and thirties, but the loss and negativity keeps building up and crashes upon us when it becomes unavoidable and can no longer be prevented. What is at stake here is the care, love and happiness we all have in our lives, individually and as a group.

* * *




I take no religious cues and quote no reference text in saying that a Family is an institution. It has a purpose or mandate, an organisation and structure, values and attitudinal norms, and behavioural processes to abide by. But mostly, it is not a formal or legal entity, has no documented basis to existence and functioning, and hence can be easily flouted and transgressed. They keep getting dysfunctional all the time and are destroyed within the span of a generation or two.

But the family is the closest and the most important group, of which each one of us are a part. To avoid going generic, I would present my view of a ‘ fictional ‘ family as it would be in Indian context and as, perhaps, I myself would be happy to have despite the imperfections and peculiarities of its individual members !


Values, Organisation & Roles



Purpose, Values & Rules :

01 To Pursue Collective Material Abundance and Emotional Happiness

02 To Promote Personal Growth and Intellectual Evolution

03 To Honour Individual Goal of Spiritual Fulfillment


Not every member of the family would be inclined or capable of furthering along the stated purposes and values. There would be those who would stop at the material and the emotional. Others would be more willing to put in the effort for educating themselves further and a rare one might pitch for more morally evolved strengths and awareness.

The personal values and rules of behaviour however is set for all by the instituted purposes : at cooperating among themselves for collective material abundance and behaving with sufficient care and mindfulness, especially towards the weak and more disadvantaged, to allow collective emotional happiness. The family could have additional commandments in their values system… say, ” We will never wrong others,” ” We will respect facts and truths against our opinions or assumptions,” ” We will always restore trust among each other and act in fairness,” etc.


Father :



The Father in the family is the head of the institution, above all, by virtue of his being in a position to best represent the family values, guide it through the present and keep its future in his trust.


Mother :



The Mother, again, is a position in the family that keeps it together, serves its vital needs and answers the emotional call of individuals in the family.


It is clearly important that the Mother and Father have open and smooth communication line between them. They must have the maturity to come into conflict on occasions, even rage at each other on issues, but withdraw sufficiently well in time to reassess and cool off enough to understand the other’s stand. It is necessary to appreciate that what is on table is institutional in nature and not a matter of mere personal preference. For instance, a member’s need for food cannot be ignored just because one is busy or does not feel like it. Similarly, a decision to invest cannot be taken at the cost of essential need of a member or if it makes the family’s material life miserable.


Members :



All members are to be as children of the family. The adult must add to the family’s purposes to the best of their abilities. They also have a responsibility towards themselves which, if not attempted for, would adversely affect the family as a whole.

Children yet growing up must obviously strive to add to their learning, awareness of facts, experience and knowledge.

All children however, regardless of age, must defer to the Father and Mother of the family, which is working towards its purposes on behalf of all.


Personal :

A family that does not have a place for personal imperfections and peculiarities, even vice, of individual members is heading for extinction. Institutionally, it should be able to encourage the individuals with patience and love, for them to establish a moderation in respect of such deviations. The other members, despite their conflicting personal values, should be able to accommodate the departing behaviour and accept the person for what he or she means to the family in institutional terms.

No member of the family, including the Father and the Mother, should be expected to be a paragon of ALL personal virtues at ALL the time. And, it is actually easier to accept the odd weakness or failing of anyone when the our primary identity is institutional, rooted in the family.


Inviting you all to raise a happier family and to contribute better to the happiness of one you are already a part of !






One thought on “Journal : Feb 15, 2012 : Pitching For The Family

  1. Reblogged this on verum intus, fulsi vacuus and commented:

    I wrote this when I suddenly realised that my children had become adults and needed to know what was the ” Family ” I was pitching for !

    Curiously, it was read and understood, without us having to exchange a word more on this matter.

    Perhaps, more on the web would find this brief vision useful…

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