Journal : Truth & I … contd.

Great responses… Molly, of course, is the one at ease; and Allan, forever fresh, means so much without that verbal finesse I now associate more with admen than people with culture. 


RP : ” Vam , God is not irrelevant as it is the general trend, nowadays ,to try to realize God , Self  if you like.  You yourself 
were talking of infinite bliss , whether it is realization of Self or God is the same thing to me.” 


Is God relevant to the dog sucking on the bone ? I am not sure if he is even aware of God, but it is plain that nobody in the entire universe is more pleased, fed and satisfied, than the dog. And, like it, our senses need their respective objects to home-in, RP, not God. It’s a matter between the world and us, subject to rules and laws, norm and order. 


When I spoke of bliss infinite, I also spoke of zero identity, silence and love. And, of a process to take our being between the world and ourself from senses <+ vanity> to love <- vanity>, silence <- thought>, zero < – need it be said ? > and what remains < yes, bliss infinite >. 


So, when people with vanity speak of God, I easily choose to be counted among the atheists. It’s impossible to find someone without vanity, ordinarily, much less hear him speak… of God. I am among the most fortunate to have met one and have heard him speak, when it was plain that he was referring to the all-inclusive truth supreme. 


Neil’s grouse about over-individualised notion of the inner is understandable. I mean, only an overly vain person would communicate notions of the “inner” to the dog perched on his senses ! The dog is equally an individual and he ‘ knows ‘ all other individuals are no different. He would be right in wondering what the whole babble and brouhaha was all about. 


Almost all voluntary attempts at introspection are short-lived and prove more in the manner of fad or play, which make no difference to the individual’s spiritual position or moral perspective, in terms of shift or committment. And forced attempts, imposed by others, are worse. 


There is something fateful or innate at work when the introspection abides for long, deepens with increasing withdrawal from material values, without loss of honesty or the courage to live by one’s accepted truths.



Truth Within, Shines Without

This is a post I entered on Minds Eye – a Google Group you could locate @


“Is this not an important part of the dynamic multidimensional mind Vam, can you find nothing of value with meeting this view at least as a challenge?”


James, starting with God is a bad idea. Perhaps, ending up at it is what needs to happen. Dawkins was in Jaipur here and I found his view a lot more balanced, less bigoted and militant.


And Neil is right : it must deal with morality. Where his discourse runs dry is when he is quoting other people ! That is also my compelling logic against intellectual property rights. What damned “rights” on knowledge of any kind ? Or, why must we have to give references, when all we wish to say is ours, with us ? If it’s not ours, for…

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