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“Is this not an important part of the dynamic multidimensional mind Vam, can you find nothing of value with meeting this view at least as a challenge?”


James, starting with God is a bad idea. Perhaps, ending up at it is what needs to happen. Dawkins was in Jaipur here and I found his view a lot more balanced, less bigoted and militant.


And Neil is right : it must deal with morality. Where his discourse runs dry is when he is quoting other people ! That is also my compelling logic against intellectual property rights. What damned “rights” on knowledge of any kind ? Or, why must we have to give references, when all we wish to say is ours, with us ? If it’s not ours, for us to say, we should STFU !

The formal aspect of Truth or truths is onerous. There are libraries out there where it goes dry. It is the informal one that I wish to put across : it is mine… and for that reason should be everyone’s, of everything. And that ( informal aspect ) is… HOME. The search for that place which is truly ours, where we can rest without fear, free and fulfilled, which nothing in the whole universe can take away from us. Truth is our Home.


This is no parable I’ve begun. People are spent for and on a ” home ” for themselves. They build, buy, rent one for the body… house or apartment, car or craft. But then the worst a-holes amongst us come to believe that home they are so invested on is also the ” home ” to their emotion, to their thought, their identity, and their happiness too ! Well, it is and it definitely isn’t.

The better ( a-hols ) take on a wife, friend, progeny or pet, community or cause, to engage their emotion-thought-identity where, with whom or which, one then feels at home. Of that our thought is preoccupied… that same ‘ faculty ‘ that had been used to focus on money to buy the home, on the value of food and worth of delicacies, on the relevance of what is beneficial and serves our purposes and what does not.


That pitch of ‘ acquisition,’ value, worth, relevance… is also there in our thought and eye, as in it pre-exists and is consciously or subconsciously applied, for the home-objects of our emotion as well. For a lifetime, we carry that pitch to manage, manipulate, decide and deal with what is outside us to acquire the material home-object in our aim … a domain that, for all practical purposes, encompasses everything. For everything, external and internal, is outside the agency, the ego-person, we are through the pursuit after our aim.


What is concurrent within, inside of us – the “ego-person,” is a build up and an intensification of VANITY… which expresses as : ” I possess;” ” I win;” ” I will acquire;” ” I am successful.” It is all a matter of process that is normal to our drive and inevitable to our search. But, as surely as sure can be, it is Vanity that also blocks our evolution and progression into the true Home to our emotion – which is Love, to our thought – which is Silence, to our identity – which is Zero, and to our spirit – which is Bliss Infinite. Because it limits us to what we have, even as it automatically makes us pore over all that we does not have; and, it is limiting because while with it we can never give up that ” pitch ” we have internalised along the journey and can hence never view and see things with Love and Silence, and be Zero with Bliss Infinite.


It is our knowledge of Vanity that illuminates the oxymoron phrase :  Success Is Failure !  And makes it meaningful.


These are the real aspects and issues to spirituality : Home and Vanity. It is these that I find more pertinent than God or whatever. It is these that will make us be better and excel, that will address the monstrous twists with which people reduce the best of systems and opportunities to gutter, that will redress the moral deficit in our public and personal lives.


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Our monstrous idiot, Digvijay Singh of #Congress Party, says :  Can ( he means, must ) an individual be allowed to hurt the sentiments of ” people ?”


My answer is a clear, ” Yes,” provided the individual does it in a completely non – violent manner, physically speaking. I can visualise the Charvaka, the Jain, the Advaiti and the Buddhist … standing in courtyard of a Hindu temple, before a Vaishnava shrine, or any place of worship or practice, professing their contrary belief or realisation without any physical obstruction or violent opposition.


That is the culture of this land, from ancient times. That is what we must all affirm today.


Freedom is above all the freedom of speech and expression… which must allow every person to say what the people do not want to hear, what they disagree with and what they might find hurtful to their belief. Of course, with the caveat that it be said in a completely peaceful manner.


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