Journal : Dec 26, 2011 : 2.30 AM

Delhi :  The cold wave has intensified. Temperatures in London, Dublin and Athens are 6 – 7 deg C. In Delhi, Amritsar ( Punjab ) and Churu ( Rajasthan ) thermometer readings are touching 2.9, – 0.6 and – 1.6 respectively. Gurgaon ( Haryana ) might have hovered around 0. In the morning, dew on the grass at India Gate seemed like icicles.

It is bitter in the mountains : Pahalgam Kashmir ) – 4.1, Kalpa ( Himachal ) – 6 and Chamoli ( Uttarakhand ) 3. Uttarakhand seems a shade better off, but a low maximum temperature of about 15 – 17 in Chamoli, Almora and Nanital makes life tough all the same.

And, as with every other crisis that descends upon us, it is the poorest and weakest who die, despite having the largest of hearts to embrace misery with expanded measures of peace. Not one of them scourges – climatic, administrative or economic –  are caused by them !

If only the State had kept it centre – stage and had factored their income and opportunity needs in their policies and priorities. But it has become like commercial banks, which extend loans to those that already have it !

I believe India will heed the voice of its marginalised citizens, the poor and the weak… the ones who own close to nothing and are always short changed, while inflation keeps pushing them back into greater penury.

But will it be a stich in time ?

The achievement will be truly monumental… from electoral democracy and politicised populism to participatory governance and real welfare.

* * *   * * *

People repeatedly question, often with great angst and even malice : Why Anna ? Why should he and his team be considered the fountainhed of all wisdom, in the context of Lokpal ?

The answer is staring in their faces… trust. People trust Anna Hazare. He has nothing to gain by what he is doing. And it is his team that worked on what the Lokpal should be like, with what composition, powers, scope, jurisdiction, constraints, and what processes its working, selection, appointment and removal, etc. should be followed. They’ve interacted with the public for long, modifying and refining their Janlokpal draft.

That is why… people trust Anna and his team. They are all achievers, committed and selfless, standing to gain nothing personally, and absolutely credible. The panelists on TV, from politics, and competing social activists, do not have virtues, at least not to the extent, in the eyes of common citizens.

Another one is : Why not let the Parliament handle the legislative business of Lokpal ! ?

We would have, if the same Parliament had not failed to take the matter to conclusion in four decades. And, if the Parliament had been able serve the well – being of the people, not merely that of politicians, businesspersons, bureaucrats, and the broking clique and coterie. Instead, the institution has presided over institutionalisation of pervasive corruption, black money economy, waste and degradation, galloping prices, highly skewed distribution of income, wealth and fruits of development.

So, then now, why shouldn’t the people come on the streets to compel parliamentarians, to represent the people and their will, and not of their own interests, that of their cronies or the party high command ?

Who says democracy cannot be improved ? Especially when it has been so subverted.

I’ve borrowed one of the poster design of Team Anna’s ” India Against Corruption,” and added my own words.

Beni Prasad Verma, a Union Minister, says, ” Anna is nothing. He is an RSS agent.”

And, who is Beni Prasad Verma ?  He is a known warlord of Barabanki, a friend of drug criminals… he was recently booked along with his son for attempt to murder !

* * *   * * *

Dec 30, 2011

The weather has abated.

Septagenarian Anna fell ill and had to call off his fast and in Mumbai. The picketing and ‘ Fill The Prison ‘ programme is also suspended.

True to its intent, the ruling Congress Party led UPA Government brought a leaky Ombudsman Bill in the Parliament. It had calls for 187 amendments from opposition benches ! Then, discussions in Upper House were sabotaged by smaller parties in its pay. At midnight, the House was adjourned sine die, without the Bill being put up for vote. We are without the law.

* * *     * * * 

My son will leave for Johannesburgh on Monday, the 2nd of January.

* * *   * * *

The discussion on ” Soul ” was extended…

The picture in terms of sheaths is to be ” seen ” in one’s experience, immediately… as content of our being, existence, and not as peels that an onion may be reduced to !

( A )  the Physical … including two sheaths, Gross and Vital content, of our being.

( B )  the Mental … including two sheaths, Mind and Intellect content, of our being.

( C )  the Spiritual … contained, and concealed, in the Bliss sheath.

There is a continuity that can be seen… all along the axis… from its dip in Matter to its merger in the Self.

The Integral Human Model breaks through the walls, of ignorance, which leave our being compartmentalised … world, body, mind, soul, et al.

We can move seamlessly on the Axis of our being …

… from the Material Space, in which the body is objectively situated, as one among others,

… to the Mental Space, where terms of objectivity like ” extension ” ” mass ” ” weight ” and ” count ” are without any real meaning, consequence or worth.

The mental phenomena is SEEN subjectively …

felt as emotion interfacing with vitality in the physical space,

understood as thought which emotions evoke,

as idea which cumulative thoughts form.

and as knowledge when an idea abides over the long term.

The Spiritual Space has content that are normally closed to us, unless joy characterises our natural disposition and happiness becomes the ground state.

And that is rather rather rare.

Access to our spiritual content is to be attained, worked for.

But since its fruits are not phenomenal, it is worthless to anyone with worldly aims, material goals or physical priority.

* * *   * * *

I have decided to review two movies … Imagining Argentina and Mayrig ( along with 588 Rue Paradis )… later in this journal.

The ” Meena Kumari ” project will take more time. Translating her poignant poetry is tough, more because it is intense and personal.


One thought on “Journal : Dec 26, 2011 : 2.30 AM

  1. Reblogged this on Truth Within, Shines Without and commented:

    My first real blogpost…also the journal entry of the day. It was a bitterly cold day. There was a basket of thoughts on my mind, from my son’s departure for long work stay in SAfrica to prtions of a fine spiritual discussion brought over from elsewhere.

    There is something of the universal man in local happenings here.

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