Journal : Political, Economic And Social Digest … Dec 10, 2011

Russia braces for massive anti-Putin rally … while China‘s announced its “Nobel” award to Putin for efforts to keep Russia “powerful” !

Nuns told to take birth-control pills to cut cancer risk. I’ll suggest w/out apology… and to experience life unrestrained occasionally.

Chanel‘s Karl Lagerfeld calls poor Indian women stylish … I agree. Roam the streets in small towns anywhere… and you’ll know Y !

timesofindia edits are such long-winded, ill-styled crap. KantiBajpai‘s was more straight and substantial.

Every US citizen contributes 17 MT of pollutants in our environment compared to 1.7 MT by an IndianChina is numero uno, 26% of total.

BJP sees UPA Govt bid to kill Lokpal Bill … We agree. Why else wud they not table the JanLokpal draft that has widespread support ?

timesofindia Reports AjitSingh to get the “plum” Aviation Ministry. Everyone is supposed to know why it is considered so “plum” ! Plunder

Oppn stalls House, wants SMKrishna to go … And, why shdn’t he ? Remember the media hue and ConParty cry in case of BSY !

But with India having signed the UN’s International Treaty against corruption, only JanLokpal draft meets its stringent conditions ! 2/2

All the King’s men have offered is a jokepal… The UPA Govt feels it will lose face if it accepts the carefully drafted JanLokpal ! 1/2

FireSafety It isn’t just laws n bye-laws… It’is also abt modern fire fighting eqpts that enable work even in apparently congested areas !

Sreedharan questioned the raison d’tre of having MCD. Why cannot the DelhiGovt directly organise n manage the city’s affairs ? Agreed.

Crime Man gets dad killed to grab property worth Rs 1.5 cr. I believe the dad is responsible for his own murder ! Samskara CorruptValues

Railways to stop quota misuse. Evidence that quotas don’t work. Adding capacity, improving processes n better mgt oversight will.

Delhi HighCourt suggests study of traffic distribution n diurnal pattern be4 designing systems to avoid jams ! Seems so basic. ThickHeads

DelhiNCR After 22% hike, Discoms will file addl revenue pleas. The more difficult n real task is 2 keep it affordable n work backwards !

EU Everybody wants to benefit… but not to be responsible, to Germany‘s lead ! Is it too big n diverse, led up to too much, too soon ?

AMRI Inferno… Mamata‘s action will b credible when there are arrests from Govt cadres… with orgn reengg n system correction program.

A revolution is bubbling in Russia…

20-yr-old Model sparked a raging debate on Glamour Mag… looks stunningly healthy in spirit, mind n, yes, body ! BMI

AirIndia debt recast will cripple banks … so why is the UPA Govt keen on giving it the go-ahead ?

Why is the US seeking to allay fears of silent coup in Pakistan ? Isn’t it the PakArmy who will effect that ? Or is the US still …

KGB soldier Putin finds it easier : Save the nation, Lose the values. Medvedev rightly promises probe into violation of democratic values.

the_BIGBATTLE Shd we decriminalise adultery, as timeofindia advocates ? Shd a man or woman be free to violate their own marriage vows ?

I also support the right of Shanti n PrashantBhushan to opine that 8 out of 16 former CJIs of SupremeCourt were corrupt. They shd know.

SupremeCourt has stayed Mumbai HC order bringing the Governor’s report to Centre under RTI, citing Dignity of office. I strongly disagree.

I’m glad Vinod Rai, of CAG, has been elected chairman of UN audit body.

Upon Privatisation, it’s all business, not service. ~ E Sreedharan

Y is Con man Alvi insisting that UIDAI is for all residents ? Is AADHAR visually coded to distinguish between Residents n Citizens ?

I did cover her up… It’s the look… at you ? at herself ? That is

Being… Beautiful. The goddess that sleeps in us !

HumanInterest : Perfect image… of the morning after !

Well I did watch some of that innings by Viru…. Brilliant striking!! Congrats on ur 219.. That’s child abuse! The Mask would say, Smoking!

I am so happy to see Jim MOrrison trending…. Riders of the storm! This is the end! Music’s over! etc etc..endless songs, another legend.

@lpolgreen How many spectacles in Indian History are you aware of ? DumbJournalist

Smriti Irani to Nidhi Razdan, instead of asking why S M Krishna is not resigning, you are asking why BJP is asking PC’s resignation.

HusseinObama praises Islam. It is a destructive religion with violence at its core. Get him OUT! TerryJones2012 for POTUS AmericansElect

“it is possible for justices in India to be bribed, to falsely accuse someoneor to falsely acquit someone”…

“an alarming number of justices are corrupt” in… KapilSibal

There are lands with worse living condns. But Pakistan is the land of Armed Frankenstein where fear alone rules. What Pak ? Where Islam ?

The entire wealth of all Americans in bottom 30% is $ 70 billion. That’s also what just six heirs of WalMart fortune are worth.

MNCs n foreign govts hv contracted fertile land in Africa, such as in Ethiopia, further threatening the continent’s food security ? China

Putin was ready to “improve the voting results”, but had no strategy to save his fingerprints in the new information environment. Russia

For MovieReviews of quite another kind… go to … the honest adda !

Russia Now the fkg Russia govt earns 20% of OVL‘s $ 2.5 b investment… and crippling losses to OVL on acct of poor productivity ! 2/2

What kind of business does Russia offer… the fkg Gorshkov escalated 3-5 x, of course with an officer in Navy hvg colourful nights ! 1/2

Syria When Assad says, ” I never ordered the crackdowns,” I am reminded of the incoherence of GaddafiSaddam was better; he did own up.

Now that Fai‘s admitted to being a spy for ISI, will the “bhadralok” who r prime favourites on paid media own up to having been duped ?

timesofindia edits are crap political statements and blinkered advisories.

This Indian campaign against Dow shd be full-hearted, concerted n all-out. It must succeed. MNCs need to know, they can run but not escape.

BlackMoney Add’l List is obtained from 10 more tax-havens. But Y does the FinSec rule out proceedings under the stringent PMLA ?

Durban The equity theme India championed is accepted. A modicum of justice has prevailed with $ 100 b Green Fund from developed world.

Badal fief in Punjab is both feudal n corrupt. But less than elitist ConParty stalwarts. What a shame, to have to choose between them !

When Pawar grieves over Anna‘s “redefining Gandhism” The nation is happy n common people rejoice !

cricket24x7in FDI in Retail is less abt fear than abt its merit, purpose, regulation, evidence of ill-effects n unintended consequences.

Can’t afford it… but the winter is deliciously setting over the mountains ! RoversHeart

cricket24x7in Each merit their own study… FDI in Bollywood hs terror money. In NGOs, cud b socially destabilising. In Religion, 4 what ?

NitishKumar SharadYadav Denied 1st AC berths, 18 Bihar MPs create ruckus… what do these MPs deliver to deserve their salary n perks ?

Seems KapilSibal move on internet censorship was a his personal one, to top the loyalty test. The ConParty is cool towards it !

The Govt agrees SARGeelani NGO is a Maoist front. He is now under death sentence for Parliament blasts. There r 24 other such NGOs !

NHAI Ahead of JanLokpal, 16 of 20 Ch Engineers have resigned ! What about their broods ?

China‘s maintained all along but hs now pointedly charged India 4 its problems in Tibet. The aggression will only worsen. World prepare !

cricket24x7in Sure, eliminate corruption in FCI n improve its facilities, working… cud save billions n add massively to food situation.

Delhi 21 out of 64 Shelter Homes r closed, 15 hv less than 7 occupants… what’s their condn, terms, processes n working ? Right to food ?

cricket24x7in One major policy decision wud be to allow sale of farm produce to licensed buyers in other states. 3/3

cricket24x7in GoI cud ask the major retailers to formulate storage n cold store capacity bldg projects… n fund them at nominal rates. 2/3

cricket24x7in GoI already makes such purchases, which definitely cud b routed thru ITCChoupal. It cud also… 1/3

Delhi hs had 18 house collapses this year n 8 councillors hv bn suspended for being in the business of facilitating bldg rule violations.

The Lokpal Standing Committee Report has dissent notes from 16 of its 30 members !

Why world community is turning blind towards the plight of Tibetan especially UN, afraid of dragons fury? Tibet AUS UK #FR #RU #INDIA

Now that UPA govt has shut the door, will it partner with domestic players to support “modernise” retail n organise the supply back-end.

Tax, Tax, relentless, endless tax… WTF! Govts all over shd hv a cap… Have-nots cry. The Haves pay, but make the have-nots cry more.

Recent events in Pakistan reaffirms that it is an army that has a country ! Zardari has filled his coffers… and is on the way out.

timesofindia Header : Sibal Snaps… Seems apt. Dogs and animals do ! Rather, only dogs and animals do. KapilSibal

bbkhilari They’ve just been throwing away ppl’s money for their own gain, for buying loyalties, benefiting cronies and cliques ! ConParty

The entire ConParty leadership n their team in media have yet to understand… YOU HAVE A TOTAL CREDIBILITY DEFICIT WITH THE PPL OF INDIA.

Solutions to problems that humanity is faced with lie in our capacity for beauty, in deserving the happiness we

Journal : Movies From East And West Each via@Vamadevananda

sardesairajdeep My stand is the same for the print and broadcasting media… an independent Regulatory Authority !

फेसबुक पर लोकप्रिय पृष्ठ मे से Indian Army Fan – 4 Lakh India Against Congress – 13757 I Hate Secularism – 26000 Fans DELETED !!!

After Indian Army Fans & India against Congress now Shresth Bharat page ban

They know that Social Media is playing a crucial role in upping the ante against UPA in any issue, thats why this whole bullshit!

China is the big bully invader in Tibet, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia. China needs to let people live their own lives and stop the colonization.

Anything deemed objectionable on SocialMedia can be redressed by laws. Kapil Sibal can be watchdog for misuse. Govt’s job.

jhunjhunwala Eff the Govt, especailly of the Bumdohan kind ! We want a leader who appreciates an economy serving 80% of poln !

SonamOngmo Nepal is not some innocent party getting ‘caught up’ BUT a willing servant of China in oppressing Tibetans Tibet

Sectarian attacks unknown in Afghanistan? Will Western media stop this non-sense? How can we forget Bamiyan & Mazar-e-Sharif? And Riaz Basra

Don’t think Sibal even understands the internet.This happens when you make a lawyer an IT Minister.Like hiring Mayawati for an item song

janlokpal Dar gaye chor Anna ji se issliye ab janta ke har freedom ko rokna chahte hai

Irrespective of our religions we are all Indians & prabhu Ram of Ayodhya is our ancestor not Ghauri/Ghazni or Babur.Pls RT!

Roy cn speak against Hindus, but Tasleema ? She gets slapped & forced in2 hiding RT Ipsita_Shome: Even Arundhati Roy & Taslima Nasreen

ShashiTharoor Let’s have the policy ! For public scrutiny, not as an executive decision.

Perceived offense against PP wud b OK !? RT ShashiTharoor: I support Kapil:offensive material abt religions could incite riot@sageisfree

Jailing Opposition Leaders, Russia Moves to Quell Election Protests

Sign Petition to Kapil Sibal and Sachin Pilot to STOP

China must stop its attempts to dictate India on how to deal with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Tibet and the Tibetan people


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