World : Dec 06, 2011


Inflation, of the kind we have suffered, is very simply understood… too many rupees chasing too few value (goods n services) for long.


@timesofindia edit “Don’t Let Go” is a desperately blinkered analysis, approbation and advise to the Govt to push forward on FDI in Retail.


How about BigBizHonchos making a case for their associates to make good on Rs 47K cr loan (Rs 10 cr or more ) defaults to PSU banks !


Biz honchos have advocated FDI for ” modernising the retail.” I understand “modernising” and better “organising” the back-end. But Y FDI ?


The Putin Mafia in Russia, social strife in China as the economy lags, inability of the West to live up to KyotoIran, MB in Egypt


“Dear Mr Sibal, it is YOU who are accountable to the people; we are NOT accountable to you. Now repeat 100 times.”


“Muslims can’t afford to be radical in India. About 95% of Indian Muslims have Hindu ancestors…”


“For extremism to flourish, a Muslim majority country, like Pakistan , is needed,” says Islamic scholar Maulana Wahiduddin Khan.”


George W Bush cancels visit to Swiss gala over fear of arrest on Torture charges ows OBAMA Still Refuses to Prosecute


“I heard he was a chronic diabetic. Maybe PowerPrash wud help it’s rise. RT @ScorpiusMaximus Happy Intercourse to you Kapil Sabal.


“MaulanaWahiduddinKhan has left me in awe, so many times. My pranams to him.”


@One_Stranger_ Is that u, in the pic ?”


@seemasirohi: My take: Pakistan shows how to lose friends and alienate people…


There shd be no Govt cadres… no career in govt service. It shd b a fixed 3-5 yr contract at all levels. Serve, n go. Let others come in.


I would any day prefer someone who is wrong than one who is untrue, to himself. The righteous catholics and social smarts are pariah. Truth


State ought to create an economy around the bottom 80% of popln. BigBiz promotes one for top 20%. It’s gross when the two serve the same !


@aukatsang I wud. DM the contact no. as I am prone to losing my way.


@BDUTT this prompts a ques. Are political parties ideologycentric or people centric? Or shud i say high command centric.”


“Must be promotion time; overabundance of perfume & slick hair in the office !”


Money isn’t just something… to buy things b at peace with yourself. It heats you up n becomes a weapon to favour, appropriate n destroy.


Climate discussions at Durban… would be important. The Kyoto protocol wud expire in 2012. Climate and environment is the next int’l bone.


JulianAssange wl bounce back. He changed the ‘game’ once. Now it might b India specific… of black money abroad n China‘s cyber tapping !


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    The Putin Mafia in Russia, social strife in China as the economy lags, inability of the West to live up to Kyoto, Iran, MB in Egypt…
    “Dear Mr Sibal, it is YOU who are accountable to the people; we are NOT accountable to you. Now repeat 100 times.”
    … Unquote

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