Political : December 04, 2011

  • Governance must happen with a transparent cap on how much the govt can tax, borrow n print money. And how much it can spend on itself.
  • The real issue with ‘democratic’ governance is that it is entirely spent on elections n career… there’s zilch left 4 “improving” crusade!
  • JusticeKatju has once again raised the need of an independent Regulator. Y is the UPA govt buying n selling this ‘self-regulation’ bogey ?
  • BlackMoney It’s 5 mths since France gave names of 700 Indians wid accts in Swiss/Geneva. Y hs UPA not prosecuted them n made names public?
  • FDI Contract Farming has 2 aspects…
    1) It wudn’t b with small, tiny n marginal farmers !
    2) What happens when crops fail or stores glutted ?
  • FDI There is big retail in the US and Europe. So, why do their govts still shell massive ‘bail out’ subsidies to their farmers ?
  • There is 100% FDI in Food Processing … what do you think, why have the big MNCs not entered the Indian market ? CapitalistThinking
  • Come elections, our Bumdohan speaks of development and roads… Will the Manipuri bite that oft-used hook ? I hope they don’t.
  • PiyushGupta26 Even Lokpal Standing Committee recommends 3 – 5 yrs in prison. Y not life, proportional to severity of crime

One thought on “Political : December 04, 2011

  1. Today, I was scheduled to be at Samata Sthal by 8 am. But was not…

    The damned ‘family’ thing can be silly and important. Very, Very.


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